Where did wolfie come from?

by angi

my baby wolfie (black cat)

my baby wolfie (black cat)

My gorgeous Lil boy named Wolfie.

My Wolfie started life as a feral barn kitten in some back woods country barn. My boyfriend went with some friends to pick up a kitten here that they saw listed free barn kittens.

We already had my calico rescue and was not in the market for another cat. We had two dogs already in lived in a small 3 bedroom home on a busy street.

My boyfriend was in the barn and was kicking around some hay and timber when out popped this amazing Lil wild black kitten. My boyfriend grabbed this hissing scratching wild ball of Lil 6 week old fur and said I'm taking this one home.

Now for his name we have an mildly autistic son named Mikie. Well Mikie was almost 17 and had this fascination with scary movie's. Well he was away on summer break with his father in NY. When I told him we got him a surprise when he got home. Well Mike being how he is kept asking us if we got him a wear wolf and i kept saying no tell finally after the 5th time of asking I said yes I got you your very own baby wear wolf.

Well thinking of a name for him and him being such a wild child when we got him I didn't think he would ever calm down. How was I going to get this kitten to ever settle down enough for him to bond with an autistic child.

Well my son came home and it was love at first sight he differently said his name was going to be Wolfie and my 6 week old monster kitten is now a gorgeous 6 mo old man.

He is the love of my life and has take to all of us but he is my Velcro kitty I cant go to the bathroom with out a kitten up my butt. I have no idea what he was mixed with because I didn't see his parents but he is med haired and you can see the rest and has striking yellow eyes and is in to everything and has to be at someone side always.

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Jan 24, 2010
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Angi,

Thank you very much for sharing with us your wonderful story and Wolfie's photo.

It's great that your lovely black has bonded with your son, love a cat and they love you back.

Wolfie is a great name :0) because cats can be a little like werewolves can't they. All calm and sleepy one minute and a mad thing the next!

And I love your expression - Velcro kitty :0)

Larry (Editor)

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