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White Cat Pictures from

Cat Pictures from

While you admire your beautiful white cat pictures you might want to reflect on a few of the superstitions about white cats.

It used to be believed by children in England that sighting a white cat meant that trouble was on its way. To ward off the trouble the children turned around in a circle and crossed themselves.

In the USA some folks believe that seeing a white cat at night is sure to bring bad luck, others believe just the opposite, it brings good luck.

There is a belief that if a white cat enters your dreams you will have good fortune in any of your creative efforts. There is another belief that says dreaming of a white cat means religious matters are on your mind.

The white version of the Japanese Lucky Cat, the Maneki Neko, is said to represent purity and many believe that this little white cat brings positive outcomes.

Some White Cat Facts

Some, but by no means all, white cats are born deaf. Some white cats with odd colored eyes, one blue and one yellow, are deaf in one ear only.

All cats enjoy soaking up the sun. However, too much sun can be harmful for cats and they really should be kept in the shade when the sun is at its height.

This is particularly so for white cats, their beautiful white fur can be quite thin especially around the ears; it does not give them much protection from the sun.

Some folks think that the white cat coat is a breed itself. This is not so, a single color coat is known as “Solid.” Of course, many white cats are purebred but lots are mixed breed too. White coats are found in Persian, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Cornish Rex, Maine Coon, Manx and many other breeds.

Purebred or not, white cats are truly gorgeous.  

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