Why do Black Cats find Me?

by Alyssa Leitzel
(Dalmatia, Pa US)

I'll start with the first black cat in our new home. Bootsy was found at an auction by my toddler at the time. No one lived at the house so we brought her home. She was just a lil black kitten. She grew up and one day left us, she just looked back at me and as if to say goodbye,kept walking and never came home.

One week later, we again found another black cat! Another Kitten. Blacky only lived a short while till she got out and was hit by a car. It was in the morning sending my son to school he saw her on the road and cried. I buried her in our backyard.

That day the phone rang and a friend had been given a black kitten she could not keep and had not known ours was killed, she asked if we could take her and I of course said yes!! "Blacky#2" was taken to the vet, he was sick. We had him for a few weeks and one day in the morning AGAIN, he was dead on my backporch, we buried him out in the yard. That day I was sad and was driving home through the woods and low and behold, on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere was a small black kitten! He had no tail and a grey sister!

It took me over 1hr. to get the ferile kittens into my car, with lot's of scratches. They were wild and would not come near the house. Over a few weeks I had them laying on my lap in the living room! Diablo, named (because of his attack on me when I found him) lived with us for about 6mnths.

This morning Diablo was killed by a car my son and husband found him while waiting for school bus. I cried all day after burying him. One hour ago the same day, my son screamed come here and my husband found a black female!I'll call her MAJIC!!I never saw a correlation until tonight, what are the chances of a beloved pet dying so horribly and instantly having it replaced? I even asked my husband about our new MAJIC, (he's really not a cat lover)if he brought it home and He said absolutely not.I know it wasn't him, but why and how is this black cat phenom.. happening?

I don't think it's a coincidence. Folklore claims a lot of thing, but I sure would love to know the truth.....We live in the country and I realize there is an abundance of cats, but I do know this is a good thing, that I will embrace! This morning I was down to four and tonight I'm back at FIVE! My prayers were answered!!

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Aug 22, 2012
Do they come to me to die?
by: Alyssa Leitzel

A few years ago I wrote"Why do black cats find me." Grateful to find my post,upon reading made me think my son is the magnet.Here's another story. It was the evening of a new moon, not sure if that means anything or not. My now 8yr old son walking down the driveway carrying a black cat dripping blood from it's foot. I spent an hour in the driveway with the first aid kit, bandaged and spoon fed the little "boy" we named "Blacky". Quarantined inside a dog crate in shed he would be safe. No money for a vet. Hours searching for organizations in our area to help.Rural country, old fashioned,the answer to many farmers animal problems is a bullet. A huge decision to make. The local vet only wanted money, would not help. They told me to call another vet an hour away that offered to euthanize for free. Many tears of what to do. I did everything I could,he was dying. He was emaciated,anemic with many illnesses.He would have needed a transfusion,iv.shots the list go's on.I loved him for 3 days,he could no longer suffer. Blacky #3 did you come to me to die? Why? Will I ever know the truth? My heart aches.I pray some day I will have an answer and a black cat to keep forever. The sixth black cat in 8 years to find me. Who knows maybe in a day or two another will walk on my property like before I will never let it go!

Sep 08, 2011
Black cats find me
by: Anonymous

When I was just a twinkle in my Mothers eyes she got a black kitten and I grew up with this cat until she died aged 18. I since then have had 3 black cats. I don't go out looking for them, they just find me. I have been curious about this and think that it is because my totem is a Black Jaguar. I think this spiritual energy that resides with me attracts black cats. After all, like attracts like. I was also born in the year of the tiger- so naturally cats will always be with me, they are part of who I am.

Aug 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

I get the sense that it was the same cat reincarnated.

Nov 15, 2009
Black cats Vs. Dogs
by: alyssa

Yes I indeed will allow the strange phenoninom,incorect spelling, about black cats I don't for one second believe how people years ago could of pushed away the powerful ability of a cat! You'd have to be stupid to not see how much a feline is powerful! In a certain degree!
Im not sayng there magiic all together but they do hold more that a dog in intelligence level. Dogs are smart but a cat is just amazingingly imvasive to the human personality, they have a way of knowing exactily what they can get away with and just how far they can go before they eratiate the hell out ya

Nov 14, 2009
Black Cats.
by: Anonymous

I too have an affinity with black cats. They seek me out also.

I do not understand it completely, all i can say is that I have never thought of them as evil or bad luck. I do not make too much of a fuss of them either, just treat them with the respect they deserve.

They can guide you. Just be in a room with them, quiet and undisturbed. You will get to know their guidance.

Nov 13, 2009
A remarkable story.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Alyssa,

What a remarkable story, thank you very much indeed for sharing it with us.

Very sorry that you lost Diablo in that way, it is always very upsetting.

Black cats do seem to seek you out. Coincidence? I don't know, but I love your attitude to it - that you will embrace the good thing. I hope that you and your family have a lot of good times with Majic.

Larry (Editor)

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