Why does my cat bite me?

by Polly

My male cat who has been neutered and is nearly 2 years old has started biting me. He is very affectionate on the whole.

I understand why he bites me while I am stroking him and I am learning to notice the warning signs although often there aren't any!!! However, last night he climbed on to my bed while I was asleep and bit me on the side of my face. It really hurt and he was reluctant to let go! Was he just looking for some attention in the middle of the night?

He usually sleeps at the bottom of my bed and never disturbs me so I don't know why he did this last night. I don't want to banish him from my bedroom, but I am worried that next time the bite could be even worse. I don't think my cat is displaying aggresive behaviour as such, but even so I don't want to be bitten every day or be afraid of my cat which is how I am starting to feel.

As I type this he is trying to climb on my lap and nudge the lap top out of the way. I know he loves me really.I am dreading going to bed tonight! Any one got any ideas?

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Getting your attention.
by: Anonymous

My cat will also head nudge my hands when ever I'm doing something - like right now typing on this keyboard - and he thinks I should be fussing him.

It is not only about fussing it's is about getting your attention. My cat bit me the once - not on the face on the hand - to get my attention to something big.

Just a thought out loud, could your cat be sick and trying to get your attention to that?

Cat aggressive behavior
by: Teresa

Hi Holly,

I have to agree with Larry that this seems a bit odd in terms of behavior if you've had your male cat (no name?) for some time.

HOWEVER, cats are weird. They don't play by the rules often. For example: My male marmalade cat, Fidget, who is a hunter and goes in and out of the house via his hidden cat door, will sometimes be sweet and affectionate and other times he's stand-off-ish. He's a cat, in other words.

Only you know about your cat. Though I would say, if you have any doubt, if you feel that you're in danger, then you should put that cat outside immediately.

Wait 20 minutes. Then, open the door slowly. If the cat meaows plaintively and walks toward your hand, then she's part of your life forever.

by: Larry (editor)

Hi Polly,

Oh dear, obviously behavior like that cannot continue.

If your cat was seeking your attention, biting you is a pretty drastic way of trying to get it.

Has he displayed any other unusual behavior recently? Sometimes when cats are unwell they can behave out of character but show no other signs of being ill.

Although you say you do not think he is displaying aggressive behavior ( biting is very aggressive) could he be showing misdirected aggression? For example, another cat encroaching on his territory and he can't stop it, so he is taking it out on you.

I do hope that someone comes up with the answer for you, I'm sure there is one, and that your cat is soon back to his usual self.

Larry (editor)

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