Without a doubt our cat chose us.

by Paul
( Ledgewood, NJ)

Without a doubt our cat chose us. We did not have any say in the matter at all. We were not even thinking of getting any kind of pet let alone a cat, we had our hands full with the kids.

Then Mr. Jinx just appeared on our backdoor step. My wife put down a saucer of milk for him, watched him lap it up, petted him a bit and told him it was time he moved on. But there he stayed so my wife shut the door thinking that he would eventually make his way home. We did not yet realize that our house was now his home because Mr. Jinx had chosen it to be!

Mr. Jinx was still there the next day and when we opened the door he marched right in and made his inspection. We started feeding him and got to realize he was now our cat or rather we were now his people. He was not wearing a collar and we did try to find out who his owner was with no luck. Perhaps we should have tried harder but the kids were delighted with this cat that was determined that he lived here and to tell the truth it was not only the kids that wanted to keep him. Mr. Jinx must have been owned by someone because when we took him to the vets it turned out that he had already been neutered. Vet said that he is a mighty fit cat too.

He is not what you would call the most handsome cat, he is mostly black with a funny white patch that zig zags from the top of his head to the corner of his mouth. He is very dignified though, anything he does he does in his own way and on his own terms. Mr. Jinx is great with the kids, when they were younger they used to pull at his tail and he never once protested he’d just slowly walk away when he had enough.

He never jumps on you. If he wants to be held he will just sit and stare at you, you have to pick him up you have no choice!

Well that’s the cat that chose us and we are sure glad that he did.

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Apr 03, 2012
Beloved cat
by: Anonymous

My story is just like most others. Cat turns up hungry, gets fed, stays and takes over heart and home! Never liked cats before but just love her.

Nov 10, 2007
Our cat chose us as well
by: Anonymous

Our cat chose us as well and I am glad that we chose to keep her. She is a tabby.

Sep 22, 2007
How do you adoubt a cat.
by: autumn

How do adoubt a cat and how much do they caust.

Hi Autumn,

Visit your local animal rescue center and talk to them about adopting a cat or kitten. They will tell you all that they require from potential adopters.

The cost varies from center to center, likely the center will ask for a donation, which they need to help them to keep rescuing cats. Remember though the real cost will be all the care that your cat will need over the years, food, pet meds and vet fees, plus a whole lot of love. Cats give a whole lot of love in return of course.

Good luck to you if you adopt a cat.

Larry (Editor)

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