by Robert Romano
(Welland Ontario)

Wizard on my bed

Wizard on my bed

Wizard on my bed
coll on my bed
laying around

I have 10 cats, that I would breed,then I would take one from each litter,usually the best one,I do not consider myself into the black arts of magic, but on occasion I have used the art of black magic for it could not have been helped,but I am a white witch.

Wizard is an extraordinary cat not only is he stunningly attractive but he possesses great wisdom and intellect, I'm sure he is a reincarnation of sorts. When Wizard was born he had a twin but for some reason I new witch one i wanted to keep,it was something in his eyes.

As he grew I became so in love with him,his blackness and his whole disposition was remarkable,he became very kind and was constantly grooming and kissing all the other cats. He was always showing his love to them.I was very fortunate to have him, even just to stare at him was such a delight something about him was so unexplained yet he made perfect sense.

When he was about 3 tragically he disappeared. We were living very close to some open cargo train tracks maybe he got into one,or someone might of taken him,in any case he was gone for six months. I thought Id never see Wizard again and I was most devastated,for I never had a cat like him.

One day in the middle of dinner I get a phone call from a woman who lived 2 hours away from us,when I went to get him,he was pretty much on the wild side,so he was living in the streets in the winter. Wizard did bite me right through my finger never the less I had to stay in the hospital, but I never thought Id see him again,he was very disorientated but with in a few weeks he realized he was home and started kissing and loving all his family. Poor Wizard now he is treated as the alpha male,and our family is complete.

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May 10, 2011
Stunningly attractive.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Robert,

I agree, Wizard certainly is stunningly attractive.

What a great outcome for you to get Wizard back after six months, you must have been so pleased. I'll bet that he enjoys being the alpha cat. :0)

Good to read that, even though he became a little feral when he was missing, he settled back in with his family.

Thank you very much for telling us about Wizard and sharing his photos.

Larry (Editor)

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