You won't believe this one..

by Meredith
(Egg Harbor Township)

My Love, Jenny (Sorry the photo has nothing to do with my story)

My Love, Jenny (Sorry the photo has nothing to do with my story)

All right let's start off with:
My passion for animals is unimaginable
I love them all; scaly, bald, furry, you name it.

So an adolescent cat shows up around my yard about three days ago. I of course check him out.

Seeing a very out-dated flea color with no address or any information, I get to know him. Very friendly cat; I instantly fell in love with him. I write my address and telephone number on the color. He sticks around and I feed him milk and kitten food thinking everything was dandy (and it was) until I don't see him after school a couple days later. I look for him not being too worried and go to Stapels for some school supplies.

I come back and see him sitting on a blanket in the garage. Nothing wrong right? Wrong. Stuck on his paw is a sticky mouse trap. Instantly we bring him inside (remember he is an outdoor cat) and he reacted very well in my dogs room. We called the vet and the poison control to see if the trap was toxic. Thank God it wasn't toxic! We removed the trap from his paw and got him cleaned up with a special solution and warm soapy water.

I checked to see if he was dehydrated and sure enough he was a bit. Gave him some milk/water and more food. He is now in the garage (hopefully) sleeping soundly. I just feel terribly bad for bringing him inside and now having to put him back outside.

I don't want him to become to attached to me because I want him to be able to fend for himself. Any tips for that? Also my dad is allergic to cats and I would do any thing to keep the cat inside and my dad said that he would talk about it with my mother. Any tips for people who are allergic to cats?


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by: Meredith

Thank you very much for responding! Well my parents and I have a plat to keep him as an outdoor cat. We will leave our garage open a bit so he can come and go as he pleases. A bed is set up for him too. I think we're planning on taking him to the vet to give him a once over and to get a tag as well.

Thanks again!

Good for you.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Meredth,

First, no apology needed about your photo of Jenny, she is a sweetheart.

Second, thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

Don't feel bad about bringing the stray cat inside, he needed help and you gave it, good for you. Yes, if you have to leave him to fend for himself he may occasionally return to you, but I doubt that will affect his ability to fend for himself one way or the other. If you can't keep him, is there a 'no kill' shelter that you could take him to?

As for tips for allergies, this page may help a little Pet Allergies, although it is not specifically about cats and is now a little old. Other visitors may come up with advice for you. Good luck.

Larry (Editor)

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