Cat Breeds

Cat breeds – which are your favorites?

The cool Siamese or the rugged Maine coon, the tailless Manx or the beautiful Birman.

All of the various domestic breeds have their own accepted coat types and patterns, their distinctive characteristics, energy level and unique personalities.

Long-haired, short-haired, solid colored, bi-colored, tri-colored, good old tabby coat pattern, purebred or ‘moggy’, whichever type it is that you share your home with, your cat will return your love with her devoted companionship.

The following list of cat breeds and cat coat types, is, of course, far from complete, it will be added to regularly.

Abyssinian Cats : The Sleek and Elegant Abyssinian Breed.
Abyssinian cats are regal animals, often kept as pampered pets. The have maintained that distinction throughout time, as the intelligent and active Abyssinian breed is one of the oldest on record.

American Short hair Cats, lithe and powerful.
American Short hair cats show their working cat ancestry in their lithe but powerful bodies, the cultivated version, of the short hair cats that braved the journey to the New World.

Bengal Cats, Spotted and Marbled, the energy packed Bengal Breed
Bengal cats, one of the new cat breeds, developed to look stunning – but the Bengal is not just for show – this affectionate, athletic cat loves to be part of your family.

Birman cats.
Gentle, and loyal in character, Birman cats are non aggressive, enjoy human company and tend to be on the quiet side. You may find that the Birman cat breed was created just for you.

Bombay Cats, The Gorgeous Black Bombay Breed.
Bombay cats are often referred to as parlor panthers, and looking at these gorgeous deeply black felines who can disagree with that.

Egyptian Mau Cat : The cat of royalty.
Is this the same naturally spotted cat that was revered and even worshiped by the Ancient Egyptians? The Egyptian Mau is a lively and intelligent cat well suited for indoor life.

Maine Coon cats.
Maine Coon cats – developed by nature to withstand the harsh New England winters. Gentle and strong, the handsome Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Breed – The Myths and Legends.
The Maine Coon breed of cat has several amusing, but unlikely legends about its origins.

Manx cats, the tailless breed.
Do Manx cats make good pets? How are they with children? Are there any health issues? What are the true origins of the marvelous Manx?

Munchkin Cats : The Short-Legged Munchkin Cat Breed
Owners of Munchkin cats insist that their pets are not hampered by their short legs. They say Munchkin cats are agile and fast as any cat and their pets can climb much like any other cat.

Norwegian Forest Cats – The Beautiful Skogkatts
Norwegian Forest Cats are one of nature’s natural breeds that developed to withstand the harsh climate of the Northern Hemisphere.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Personality.
Strong, healthy, charming and affectionate.

Persian Cats, the gorgeous longhaired felines…
Persian cats with their loving, gentle, affectionate nature, it is easy to see why they are acclaimed as America’s favorite of all the cat breeds.

Pixie Bob Cats – Bred to Resemble Bobcats.
Pixie Bob Cats are frequently said to be dog like in many ways, in fact you will often see them referred to as a “dog in disguise.” This is because this breed shows devotion and loyalty to its humans.

Ragdoll Cats – The Easy Going Ragdoll Breed.
There is a growing interest in Ragdoll cats and small wonder, for a Ragdoll is indeed a very beautiful cat with a sweet temperament.

Russian Blue Cats
Russian Blue cats are extremely good looking aristocratic cats with dense, plush coats and make affectionate, devoted and loyal pets.

Savannah Cats – Exotically Good Looking.
The aim of developing Savannah cats was to establish a domestic variant of a exotic looking wildcat but with the temperament of a domestic cat and with Savannah cats that aim has been achieved.

Scottish Fold Cats : The sweet natured, laid back Foldie.
Scottish Fold Cats are, all in all, a tough and healthy breed cats of cat. However there is a health issue, linked to the folded ear gene, that you should be aware of.

Siamese cats – the living cat art.
Siamese cats – Mysterious, graceful, visually pleasing. Do Siamese cats make good pets? Are they affectionate? Why are there two distinct varieties?

The Singapura Cat
If you are owned by a Singapura cat you will have a helpmate for any chores you are doing. Good natured and naturally inquisitive, this beautiful feline has to join in with whatever you’re doing.

Snowshoe Cats.
Snowshoe cats are not only possessed of stunning good appearance, but are also a breed of cat with sharp intelligence and all the personality you could wish for.

Tonkinese Cats, The Lovely Tonkinese Breed.
Tonkinese cats are active, vivacious and even acrobatic, one of the liveliest cat breeds. They are inquisitive, intelligent, beautiful, very loyal and delight in human company.

Turkish Angora Cats, The Cats That Love To Play.
Turkish Angora cats adore people and go to great lengths to gain attention, and are not slow in giving affection in return.

Turkish Van Cats, The Swimming Cats
Turkish Van cats originate from the mountainous region around Lake Van in eastern Turkey. This handsome breed has only been widely known outside of Turkey since the 1950’s.

Turkish Van Cat, a short history.
An account of how the attractive Turkish Van cat breed was introduced to the west.

Cat Coat Types and Patterns
Black Cats – The Superstitions…
Do you believe it is a sign of ill fortune when black cats cross your path? Or do you conclude the cat has dispensed a run of good luck, by passing in front of you?

Picturesque Calico Cats.
Calico cats with their gorgeous orange, black and white coat patterns are very distinctive felines.

The Cow Cat.
A cow cat does not have horns or chew the cud. You are not likely to hear it go moo either, but that coat does look somewhat bovine. If you want a cat that is very good at being a good old cat, a wonderful pet and the best friend you could wish for, then a moo cat will suit you just fine.

Orange Cat Pictures, Great Pictures of Orange Cats.
Do you call them orange cat pictures, or would you be likely to say ginger cat pictures? Whatever your favorite term is for an orange feline you will simply love these orange cat pictures.

Tabby Cats and their beautiful patterns.

Tabby cats are often mistakenly thought of as being a particular breed of cat, but it is the coat pattern that is known as “tabby”, and this pattern can occur in all breeds of domestic cat.

Tuxedo Cats : Out on the town.
Black and white tuxedo cats look very formal and distinguished as if all dressed up for a swanky affair.

Choosing a Cat : Choosing the Right Cat for You
Will you be choosing a cat that is purebred or a non-pedigree? A kitten or an adult cat? A cat that is affectionate and demanding or one that is independent in its ways?

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